Knickers and Bras!

A question we usually get asked in the boutique is "what underwear should I have on under my dress". This is more of an issue than ever with the current fashion of low backs and slim fitting dresses.  So we have compiled some advice for you below which should ensure there are no VPL's or bra straps on show.

First thing is the colour of the underwear.  Obviously a bright colour or black is an instant no, but most people don't realise that white isn't a good choice either.  White can still show through under some dresses.  The colour you need is nude. Instead of standing out against your skin, nude will blend into the tones of your skin making them effectively invisible. 

When choosing your underwear you want to make sure it is plain as possible.  If you are wearing a slim fitting dress any type of bows, lace and ribbons will show through. Ideally, you would have something that is seamless, again minimizing the risk of any bumps or line. 

Lots of brides want to wear some form of shape wear under their dresses.  This is perfectly fine, just ensure that again they are nude in colour, plain and seam free. 

Depending on your dress, you most likely wont need a bra.  A large majority of dresses will have bra cups built into them or we can add cups when completing your fittings. If you would prefer to have a bra then you will again need to apply the rules above: nude colour, plain and seam free. 

Another option is to use something called Lift Its.  I'm not normally a fan of stick on bra's but these are brilliant.  They give the lift of a bra without having straps on show.  We can give you details of where you can find these if you would like some.  

When a bride purchases a dress from MiliMili Bridal, we are now giving them an underwear information sheet which has pictures of different options available on the market.  If you haven't received yours let me know and I will send one out to you. 

I hope this has helped but feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Lauren xx