Competition Time!

I am excited to announce we are running our biggest ever competition.  This is a not to be missed prize.

One lucky bride will win £500 off a wedding dress at MiliMili Bridal Colchester and also an engagement shoot with Andrew Mark Wade photography worth £200! I know, its an amazing prize.

To enter: book an appointment at MiliMili Bridal from today until 23rd December and once you have been in for your appointment your name will be entered into the draw.  It really is that simple.

We will draw the name of the winner at the close of business on the 23rd December. 

So spread the word to any bride you know who are getting married and are looking for the special dress. 

Bridal Buyers Retail Website of the Year

As some of you may have seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we have recently won an Award!  MiliMili Bridal officially have the best bridal website not just in Colchester but in the uk!  We are so pleased with this award win as we put the website together ourselves and did not have an external company do it for us.

The awards were held in September in Harrogate at the yearly trade show hosted by the industry trade magazine Bridal Buyer.  Unfortunately it was the first day of school for my little boy so I was unable to attend. Andrew stepped in though and went to the awards on our behalf.  The awards are a lovely event where you get to meet other bridal shop owners and also the dress designers. 

I was left sitting at home keeping updated on the proceedings via Twitter. I genuinely did not think we would win but there was that thought that just maybe we could do it.  As I was watching the other categories be announced I decided to go to bed as there was no way of us winning.  I just let my phone on so that if we did win my phone would beep as we are mentioned on twitter.  

I was just about to drift off when I heard the beep on my phone.  I jumped up and grabbed my phoning, dropping it in the process, and there it was: 


I was so over the moon and literally started dancing round my bedroom! It means so much to have your hard work recognised and I genuinely think we have a really good website! 

Bridal Materials

I don't know about you, but I really struggle with online shopping. I cant stand it, I like to be able to go into a lovely shop, have a look round, ask the shop assistant any questions I have then purchase my item there and then.  Old fashioned, perhaps, but I like to physically see what I am buying. This especially applies to when I am buying clothes.  We have all ordered a gorgeous looking outfit just for it to turn up and be made out of that horrible cheap material which is falling apart.  So Brides, please do not take this risk when buying your wedding dress!  This is most likely going to be the most expensive dress you ever purchase, you want something made beautifully using the best materials.  

Below I have compiled a guide to the most common bridal materials that you will encounter when wedding dress shopping. This will help prepare you when you go shopping and hopefully give you an idea of what material you like.



Silk in one of the most popular fabrics used for wedding dresses.  It is a natural fibre which actually comes from the cocoons of a silk worm. It is a luxurious fabric which has a natural shimmer and feels amazing to wear. The fabric is very versatile and is also durable making it suit for all seasons.  Silk is an expensive material, so it can put the cost up of a dress but it is worth every penny!


Taffeta is made from silk or synthetic fibres.  It has almost a scrunchy effect and the stiffer the fabric the higher the quality.  It makes a great rustle sound as you move! It is what I would class as a traditional bridal fabric which is also great for colours. 


If you want to look like a fairy princess on your day then tulle is probably the material for you.  Its a light fabric which has an open weave which makes it look like netting, in fact lots of brides refer to it as netting. Tulle is also what most veils will be made from.  A good quality tulle should not feel harsh to the touch, it should be soft and full of volume.  The major downside of tulle is that it is easy to snag on jewellery so keep that in mind when choosing accessories. 

Rosa Clara Alada has an incredible tulle skirt which is so soft to touch its like a cloud. 

Rosa Clara Alada has an incredible tulle skirt which is so soft to touch its like a cloud. 


Chiffon is a light woven fabric which is incredibly sheer and has a weightless floaty look.  This has made chiffon the perfect choice for weddings abroad in hot climates. It is often used in layers to build up the skirt or can be used over another material.  As with tulle, this material can snag easily.


I always think Organza is in the middle of Chiffon and Tulle.  It is sheer and light weight like Chiffon but it is stiffer like tulle.  It is a more structured material but because it is lightweight it is again a good choice for abroad weddings. 


Over the last few years it has all been about lace!  There are so many different types of lace that there is bound to be one that you love. Some of the more well known types include Chantilly, Alencon, Guipure, Corded and beaded.  I could write a whole blog on different laces alone.  

Blue by Enzoani Keaton - there is so many different laces to choose from you are bound to find one you love. 

Blue by Enzoani Keaton - there is so many different laces to choose from you are bound to find one you love. 


I have to say that crepe is currently my favourite material. We are finding that this is also our brides preferred choice of material too.   This material is perfect for slim dresses as it creates a beautiful silhouette.  Not only does it have a luxurious feel but it consists of a delicate texture which gives it an exceptional drape.  I absolutely love this material!

This is only a brief guide as there is so many more materials out there but I think these will be the ones you will most likely come across.  If you want to actually see/feel the materials then please come into us and I will be happy to show you them.  

Enjoy dress shopping!

Lauren xxx 



Guide to Wedding Dress Necklines

Choosing your wedding dress is normally one of the first things you want to do once you are engaged.  But there is so much choice out there it can become tricky to find the dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful, sexy version of you. 

So to help, I'll be doing a series of blogs going through different shapes and styles available. To start off with, I'll be looking at the necklines available. 


This is probably the most well known of the bridal necklines.  As the name suggests, the strapless dress has no straps attached anywhere.  Whilst strapless in a classic neckline, it does seem to divide opinions.  A lot of brides worry they will be pulling up their dress all day, however the trick to avoiding this is a well fitted dress. The dress should sit snugly across the bust and under the arms, if you have this right the dress is not going anywhere!  


The sweetheart neckline is again a classic which has been loved for its feminine look.  This neckline forms a heart shape across the bust which gets rid of any harsh lines thus making for a softer look.  It will dip down in the middle so will reveal a little cleavage, how much depends on the dress. 

V Neck

I have to admit that this is one of my personal favourites. The V is made by two diagonal pieces that come from the shoulder and meet at chest level. Again, depending on how deep the V is, you will show some cleavage.  A V-neck will make your neck look longer, so its an elegant choice. 


High Neck

On a high neck dress, the material will come up higher than usual , normally with a collar which comes up to the brides neck. It is a very sophisticated option which calls for less jewellery and normally an updo. 

Halter Neck

This is probably one of the rarer necklines but is such a flattering style. They show off brides shoulders as they have a high neck which secures around behind the neck. It will accentuate your figure and reduce the broadness of shoulders.  For shorter brides, the halter top can make you appear taller and emphasize the neck line. 


The square neckline is created by two straps and a straight line over the bust. This neckline tends to broaden your shoulders so may be one to avoid if you are already conscious of yours.


This is a stunning and chic alternative to the sweetheart neckline. Is it an elegant look especially when you keep the dress free from lace and bling and rather concentrate on the material and cut of the dress. 



The best way to find the right neckline for you is to try them on!  You will quickly discover what does and doesn't work for you. 

Happy shopping! xx 

Top Tips for Finding your Wedding Dress

So you have the ring, you've picked a date and now you need the dress.  Many brides come into us feeling nervous, but there really is no reason to be! I have compiled some top tips to help you find the dress without added stress. 

1) Don't worry if you don't know what style will suit you best.  Most brides don't.  That is why myself and Abby are here to help and guide you and help you find the dress that makes you feel the best.

2) Do some homework.  Who doesn't love a Pinterest board!  Search websites for styles that you like. Look to see what the current trends are and what elements of them you like. 

3) Book an appointment in advance.  We recommend between 8 months to a year in advance.  Giving yourself this time not only helps us but also takes out any last minute dress panic. 

4) Taking pictures - this one is always a sticky point. Whilst we wouldn't stop anyone taking pictures we would strongly recommend that you don't.  The lighting in the shop is not made for photos on phones and quite often it is not very flattering.  Also, the dress is not fitted to you yet so you will not be seeing a true reflection of the dress. Instead, try to take a mental picture and you need to concentrate on how you feel when you are wearing it. 

5) When deciding who is going to come shopping with you, consider whose opinion you value and who knows your style.  Try to limit how many people you bring with you, too many opinions is really not a good thing.  Also, from a practical level its extremely difficult for us to give you the best experience possible when we are having to climb over people!

6) Try to go with an open mind and don't automatically discard a style.  Many a time we have had a bride who has picked a dress she would never have normally tried on. 

7)  If you have nude colour underwear then bring it with you.  Many of the dress require a simple, seam free style of underwear.

8) This next point is a hard one but, when you have found the one you love, stop looking!!  There will always be new styles coming out, there will always be that one more shop you can go to, but trust me when I say you are only making it more difficult for yourself.  We have also had it happen when a bride loves a dress but wants to try a couple more, but when they came back a few weeks later to purchase the dress it has been discontinued so she can no longer have it. 

9) Talk to your advisor, if there is something you are not sure about on the dress then tell us as more often than not its something we can fix. Tell us as much information as possible as it allows us to help you find that perfect dress.

10) Enjoy the experience, its once in a lifetime so stay calm and enjoy! 


2017/18 Collection Launch

Its that time of year again when our designers launch their new collections and Abby and I had the pleasure this weekend of going to pick the new dresses for the boutique.  We had a brilliant time and the designers have truly created some special pieces. 

The dresses wont be available in the boutique until September time, but who would like some sneak peeks!!?  Silly question, I thought so.  Excuse the pictures as they are just ones I took on my phone, so not the official ones.

First stop was Eliza Jane Howell with this beautifully hand beaded creations.  These are take your breath away stunning gowns. 

Ostrich feather!!!!

Ostrich feather!!!!

Gorgeous long sleeves with a beautiful illusion back. 

Gorgeous long sleeves with a beautiful illusion back. 

The beading on the top of this dress is exquisite. 

The beading on the top of this dress is exquisite. 

Next stop was Charlie Brear with her edgy contemporary style which we love.  The materials she uses for her dresses are a cut above the rest and the cuts of her dresses are just superb.

Perfect for those who want something on their arms.

Perfect for those who want something on their arms.

The back on this dress is gorgeous!

The back on this dress is gorgeous!

Introducing the Bridal Jumper! Idea for those winter weddings. 

Introducing the Bridal Jumper! Idea for those winter weddings. 

This dress has the most amazing sleeves, they are attached at the wrist. 

This dress has the most amazing sleeves, they are attached at the wrist. 

These are just a small selection of the beauties we have ordered, look out for the official pictures coming soon!


Who are MiliMili Bridal

Come April, we will have been open for 5 years! I know, crazy how time goes so quickly. You wouldn't believe though how many people still come in asking if we are new. So if you are one of those people who didn't know we existed, here are some facts about what we do.

We are a contemporary bridal boutique. Our dresses have a fashion edge to them. If you want a dress that makes everyone go "wow, thats gorgeous. So nice to see a bride in something different" then come to us.

We are a boutique. Why am I making a specific point on that you may ask? Its because as a boutique we can provide a service different to most other bridal shops. We provide a personal service, you get to know us as individuals just as we get to know you. Most brides seem to end up with my mobile number too so there is always someone at the end of the phone for you when you need us.

Our unique collection of dresses. I cant tell you how many brides have come into the shop and said "these dresses are so different to everywhere else we have been". We have brides coming from miles away just to see our collection as they cannot find anywhere else like it. Every dress in the boutique I have personally picked. There isn't one dress in here that I do not know or cannot explain the reason behind it being here. I have a strict quality policy that our designers have to meet before I will stock them. At the end of the day you girls are purchasing what will probably be the most expensive dress of your life, you want to know that these are quality pieces.

Oh and one final thing, I am rather fond of Jo Malone so we have several diffusers on the go, the boutique smells amazing!

So give us a call and come and see for yourself what we are like!

Meet the Designers: Eliza Jane Howell

The second designer in our series is the seriously glamorous Eliza Jane Howell.  The designer behind this label is an elegant lady called Gill Harvey.  

A fashion graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Gill Harvey first gained international success with her Medici knitwear collection. Successful evening wear, occasion wear and red carpet collections followed and in 2012 Eliza Jane Howell was launched, followed by The Gill Harvey Collection in 2013. Gill Harvey named Eliza Jane Howell after her grandmother, who was also a fashion designer.

Eliza Jane Howell gowns are all hand beaded and sometimes come with extra embellishments of hand embroidery. Each dress is individually made by combining exquisite traditional and modern beading techniques and patterns. It's this blend of old and new that makes an Eliza Jane Howell dress truly unique and an heirloom piece to be passed on to the next generation.

In 2016 Gill Harvey for Eliza Jane Howell was voted Best Bridal Designer by the first ever UK Wedding Awards and in addition won Best British Bridal Designer in the British Wedding Awards.

Our brides have loved this collection as it provides an alternative to the every day bridal look.  Call us today to book your appointment to try this gorgeous collection on 01206 616368.

Meet our Designers: Ian Stuart

As we pride ourselves on being a true designer boutique, I thought we should explain a little more about our designers and why we love them so much. So to start off we are discussing Ian Stuart. Forgive the length of this post, there is just so much to say about him.

Ian Stuart has always had a passion for fashion, art, music and theatre. This passion was the driving force which determined his future as a bridal gown designer.

During his fashion education Ian specialised in bridal and evening wear design, for which he won numerous student awards. Upon graduating Ian began his training at Belville Sassoon, one of London’s finest couture houses who specialise in creating gowns for socialites and members of the Royal family. This training gave him invaluable knowledge of cut, proportion, balance and wearability within design.

Ian then went on to create bi-annual collections for leading bridal and evening wear manufacturers in London before moving on to New York to further his career, where he created bridal wear labels which where sold throughout the world.

With more than a decade of knowledge and experience behind him, the cutting-edge designer decided that it was time to launch his own bridal wear brand based in London. The Collection Designed by Ian Stuart Ltd was an instant success and attracted worldwide publicity.

Launching his own brand has allowed Ian to concentrate on creating collections which truly reflect his passion for innovative bridal design, without any restraints or compromise. His main objective is to provide brides-to-be with a luxurious and diverse selection of shapes, colours, and fabrics to reflect their own individual style.

Ian Stuart is regularly nominated for awards. Some of the awards he accepted include:

2015: New Bridal Retailer (for his Flagship store- The Blewcoat) – You & Your Wedding Magazine

2013: Best Wedding Dress Designer– Retail Bridal Association UK

2012: Best Occasionwear Collection– Bridal Buyer Awards UK

2012: Best Mother of The Bride Collection– Wedding Ideas Awards UK

2012: Best Wedding Dress Designer– Retail Bridal Association UK

2011: Best Wedding Dress Designer– Retail Bridal Association UK

2011: Best Bridal Designer– Perfect Wedding Awards UK

2010: Bridal Designer of the Year– Bridal Buyer Awards UK

2008: Outstanding Contribution to the Industry– Bridal Buyer Awards UK

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007: Bridal Designer of the Year– Bridal Buyer Awards UK

2004: The Bride of the Year– Good Morning Television UK

2002: Style Innovator– Design Excellence in the Bridal Industry USA

2001: Rising Star– Design Excellence in the Bridal Industry USA

1999: Best New Designer of the Year– Brides magazine UK

Ian was also chosen by the prestigious V&A museum to showcase his Flowerbomb dress at their popular wedding dress exhibition. Ian's design was being showcased along with some of the most famous wedding dresses of our time, including those worn by Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese.

So if you want a dramatic style which has hints of Carrie Bradshaw and Helena Bonham Carter then Ian Stuart is the designer for you! You can see his latest collection, Unforgettably Me in the boutique now.



What is Bias Cut?

If you have been into our boutique recently you will hear us talking about how amazing our two new dresses from Charlie Brear are - the Payton and Torum.  One of the things we love about them is that they are Bias Cut dresses. You might be thinking to yourself "what does that mean" so I thought I would give a quick explanation. 

The bias cut started in 1927 by a Parisian Couturier by the name of Madeleine Vionette. Simply put, a bias cut is when the pattern pieces are cut diagonally across the grain of a fabric. A true bias will make an angle of 45 degrees across the length and the width of a fabric. 

The reason why designers use this cut is because it creates a garment which will closely follow the curves of your body. It also provides a great stretch in the material which again allows the dress to accentuate curves and will drape softly. Many brides love the delicate, graceful flow of a finely made bias cut silk dress.  

To cut a dress on a bias requires a lot of skill, time and attention.  The cut is often used for the most luxury and delicate materials such as silks.  

We absolutely love the bias cut dresses and the delicate way they fall which is why we always encourage our brides to try one. The dress may not be covered in crystals and bling but these dresses are all about the most beautiful cut, fit, materials and design which are quite honestly out of this world! They are a sophisticated and elegant design option. 




Sample Sale - Additional 15% off 19th & 20th November

Its that time again when we will be selling some of our samples off due to discontinuations and to make room for new dresses.  So its a fabulous chance to grab yourself a bargain and its ideal if you have a last minute wedding as you can take your dress away with you on the day.  For one weekend only you can get an additional 15% off the sale price! 

The dresses are sold on a first come, first served basis.  We cannot hold any dresses for you, so come prepared to buy so you don't miss out on the dress of your dreams.  

They are all dresses which have been tried on at MiliMili but they are in amazing condition.  Here are some of the dresses which will be featured in the Sample Sale.  

Charlotte Balbier Dresses

Nora Size 12 Was £990 Now £450

Nora Size 12 Was £990 Now £450

Aliona Size 16 Was £1495 Now £750

Aliona Size 16 Was £1495 Now £750

Willa Rose Size 12 Was £1245 Now £650

Willa Rose Size 12 Was £1245 Now £650

Tarron Size 12 Was £1090 Now £400   

Tarron Size 12 Was £1090 Now £400


Annabelle Size 8 Was £1299 Now £500

Annabelle Size 8 Was £1299 Now £500

Lilac Size 12 Was £1485 Now £300

Lilac Size 12 Was £1485 Now £300

Blue By Enzoani

Honolulu Size 10 Was £1070 Now £550

Honolulu Size 10 Was £1070 Now £550

Hamlet Size 14 Was £1040 Now £350

Hamlet Size 14 Was £1040 Now £350

Ian Stuart

Thandie Size 12 Was £1850 Now £800

Thandie Size 12 Was £1850 Now £800

La Paix Size 16 was £1850 Now £800

La Paix Size 16 was £1850 Now £800

Charlie Brear Trunk Show - 10th December 2016

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Charlie Brear trunk show on the 10th December 2016.

Not sure what this means?  Well allow me to explain! 

A trunk show is an event when the specific designers sends us additional gowns for the weekend thus allowing us to show you the new collections and pieces we do not normally have in the boutique.  

This is a perfect opportunity if you have found a designer you adore but haven't quite found the right dress yet. The trunk show allows you to concentrate on the dresses by that designer and find your dream dress. 

The appointment will last for the normal 1.5 hours in which time you can view the dresses and decide upon which ones you wish to try.  We will be there every step of the way and will provide advice and guidance. Whilst trying the dresses we will help you to visualise how the dress will work for you on the day.  The dress should be doing the work, not the bride working for the dress. 

As Charlie Brear is an internationally renowned designer who is in high demand, we expect this event to book up quickly.  So contact us as soon as possible to book your appointment. 

Tips for Trunk Show appointments:

  • Be prepared to buy your dress.  We offer a 10% discount throughout the trunk show duration, so it is a limited offer.  We also only have the additional dresses for the limited period of time, so if you wanted to show a specific person before you buy then you need to make sure they are there with you.  Once the dresses leave us they are difficult to get back to try and usually comes with an additional cost. 
  • Think carefully about who you want to bring with you.  Do not be tempted to bring lots of different people with you to obtain their opinions.  Too many opinions causes confusion and we usually find the most important opinion, that of the bride, gets lost. We would recommend bringing one or two people with you that you feel comfortable helping you make your decision. 
  • When it comes to underwear, think nude colour boring seamless knickers.  You will not have lines and colours showing through you dress making decisions difficult. 

We look forward to meeting you and by following our tips we are sure you will find the perfect dress for your wedding day. 



New Designer - Charlie Brear

I am extremely happy and excited to announce that our new designer for the boutique is the one and only Charlie Brear!! 

This is our excited happy dance. 

This is our excited happy dance. 

Charlie Brear had been a stylist for 10 years when she was required to source a plethora of vintage wedding dresses for a commercial shoot. On selling the dresses afterwards, she was surprised at how popular they were and that light bulb moment inspired her to found The Vintage Wedding Dress Company in 2005.

Spurred on by the growing interest in these original vintage pieces, Brear designed a capsule collection of made to order gowns, offering a contemporary take on vintage glamour. Its success in house led to the first full collection selling to market in 2011. The company was re-branded as Charlie Brear in January 2013; in time for the launch of her first mainline fashion ready-to-wear collection.

Charlie also launched her additions range which introduced the bridal world to the idea of separates. "Additions" is a collection of pieces to compliment the dresses such a lace sleeves, over dresses/skirts, lace shrugs and wait for it......a leather jacket!  Brides can then have a bespoke gown with a choice of additions which suit their individual style. 

The collection is produced in the Uk using a beautiful range of fabrics.  They are beautifully cut and I can see these dresses being passed on as heirloom pieces down to the quality of them. By adding the additions you are able to tailor a gorgeous dress to suit you and your figure. 

This skirt is my absolute favourite.  The sequins are gorgeous and paired with the rose gold leather belt is a stunning combination of feminine style with an edgy look. 

This skirt is my absolute favourite.  The sequins are gorgeous and paired with the rose gold leather belt is a stunning combination of feminine style with an edgy look. 

Beautiful aren't they!  Simple, sophisticated and elegant. 

I am please to announce that we will also be holding a Charlie Brear designer weekend in December so look out for more details on that shortly. 

The dresses are due to arrive in October so be sure to book your appointment to come and see them, you do not want to miss out on them. 


Cydney & Joe

On the blog today we are featuring the Boho perfect Cydney and Joe.  I posted a photo of Cydney on our facebook a few weeks ago and everyone absolutely loved it.  So now you are in for a treat with lots more pictures of their beautiful day. 

Their wedding took place at Newland Hall in Chelmsford.  It is a beautiful setting consisting of a Tudor Manor House with a moat, stunning gardens and a woodland with 4 lakes!  

Cydney has a blog and a popular Instagram account where she posts about all things trendy, so I knew that her dress was going to be something relaxed but fashionable.  The dress she decided on was Inaru by Blue Enzoani.  The dress has a fabulous feature back and is a champagne colour which worked beautifully with Cydney's skin tone. 

Joe and Cydney's photographer for the day was HS Media, so a thank you to them for capturing the day. 

Cydney's hair looked gorgeous!  The loose curls and stunning flower crown worked so perfectly with the dress and completed the boho style.   

The bridesmaids complemented Cydney's look with their cute matching flower crowns.  You all have probably realised by now that we love something a little different from the ordinary and these bridesmaid dresses are a prime example!  The dresses are from Asos and are a step away from the traditional bridesmaid dress. 

Talking of non traditional, has anyone noticed the shoes!  Cydney and her bridesmaids wore Cowboy boots!  Cydney's dad is American (he has a great American accent btw) and this was Cydney's nod to her American roots.  

Joe looked very dapper in his suit as did his groomsmen.  I have to say, this makes me feel very old as I have known Joe's family for many years now and my main memory of Joe is of a little boy running round with a toy snake pretending to be Steve Irwin! 

The flowers for the wedding were by Belle Rose Boutique.  The blue and coral are a gorgeous combination which carry on the Boho look. 

The naked cake was by Sweet Sam and looks delicious. 

Joe and Cydney put so much thought into the extra special touches for the day.  I love the flip flops for guest and the polaroid camera is a brilliant idea. 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Willis!!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day.

Samantha & Keith

On the blog today we have the wedding of Samantha and Keith.  This is a real treat for anyone who loves a theatrical style wedding. 

Samantha and Keith got married on 9th April 2016 at the rather trendy Houchins Barn.  This is a relatively new venue on the block but I have heard nothing but positive feedback about it. 

When Samantha first came into the boutique, she explained to me that she is an interior designer and has her own design company (Morph Designs Ltd).  So she was looking for a dress that was something a little different from the normal and as soon as she mentioned the words "Helena Bonham Carter style" I knew there was only one designer for her.  The one and only Ian Stuart. 

Samantha fell in love with the Pracatan dress, and as one of my all time favourite dresses I was truly jealous she got to wear it!  I think the only way to describe this dress to someone is "think Carrie Bradshaw - Sex in the City". Ever the designer, Samantha wanted a few custom changes to the dress which were to remove the sparkle detail off the corset bodice and also to have a corset tie back put in. It was really important to Samantha that she could have different accessories that she could change throughout the day.  In the end, she had 2 different boleros, a veil and a stunning hat (the hat was made by the same lady who helped Vivienne Westwood with the costume design for Tim Burtons "Alice in Wonderland"). 

Keeping with the Vivienne Westwood theme, Samantha had some gorgeous Vivienne Westwood shoes. 

The photographer for the day was Jayne Heather, so a big thank you to her for her beautiful images. 

Samantha's flowers were absolutely gorgeous.  I love the mixture of blue and purples and they are such a stand out feature. Throughout the day Samantha and Keith put in some amazing touches to the make the venue look beautiful.  

The wedding cake was made by Hunnybun Bakery and looks gorgeous, again the colour theme is stunning. The love letters were from My Big Fat Wedding and all the other props and screens were provided by Morph Designs. 

The Grooms and Groomsmen had suits from Anthony's Menswear.  I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for their suits.  They have modern styles and are top quality in the cut and make. The guys that work there are really helpful too. 

Samantha and Keith had a female choir preforming on the day which sounded amazing (I saw a video!). 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Wood, we loved being part of your special day xx 

Iyasha & Michael

Welcome to our first blog on our brides weddings.  I wanted to do these blogs so I could show off our amazing brides and also to give brides to be some inspiration for their own specials days. I hope you enjoy reading them and looking at all the beautiful pictures.

For our first blog, we have Iyasha and Michael.  When Iyasha first came into the boutique I instantly knew she was going to be a MiliMili Bride.  She is class and sophistication personified and you could see she knew a thing or two about fashion.  

Iyasha tried on a few different styles but when she put on Hanoi by Blue Enzoani she knew this was her dress.  She looked absolutely stunning and it showed off her figure amazingly even though the sample dress was 3 sizes too big for her.  My pin skills were tested that day! I always say if you love a dress when it doesn't fit you then you know you will love it even more when it does and Iyasha did just that. I'm sure you will agree she looked fabulous. 

The wedding was on 7th November 2015 and the venue was Hintlesham Hall.  If you haven't already booked a venue I would highly recommend a look at this venue, it is a very impressive setting for a wedding. 

Iyasha and Michael's photographer for the day was D&A photography so quick shout out to him for the beautiful pictures. 

I'm not being biased when I say Iyasha is a naturally stunning girl.  So her natural hair and make up really complimented her look.  Her make up artist for the day was Victoria Jones and her hairstylist was Kim Wade. 

You may recognise Michael if you have been buying a house recently.  He is the Michael of "Michael's" Estate Agents in Colchester which I have to say is a very trendy and modern looking Estate Agents! 

Iyasha wanted to ensure that her Indian heritage was brought into the wedding, so she had the most brilliant idea of putting her bridesmaids into saree's.  I was lucky enough to see the saree's up close as she brought one into the boutique when she came in for a fitting and the detail was absolutely exquisite on them.  The dusky pink colour went perfectly with her flowers. 

Her flowers were by Interior Floral Design and I think you will agree that they did a fantastic job. 

Iyasha accessorised her dress with a Cathedral veil from Charlotte Balbier which has a beaded detail on the comb.  She also wore a back necklace from Chez Bec. 

Congratulations Iyasha and Michael!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us xx 

Flash Sample Sale

Its coming to that time of year again when I go to choose from our designers new collections.  So, we need to make some space for all the new dresses which will soon be on their way to us.

This is good news for you, especially if you want to grab yourself a bargain!  We will be selling off some of our sample gowns at ridiculously good prices to make some room.  The sale will be on Sunday 17th April from 1-4pm.  No appointment is needed, it will be first come first served. 

Be prepared to purchase a dress if you fall in love with one as there is only one of each sample available, so once its gone it gone.  Sample prices will start from £100!  This includes dresses from current collections from Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, Rita Mae and Charlotte Balbier.  

Keep your eyes peeled for some sale sneak peeks on our Facebook over the next few days.  If you have any questions please do contact us. 


Separates Range from Charlotte Balbier

For a while now I have been looking for a new range for the boutique and I was specifically looking for a range of separates.  So you can imagine my delight when I get an email from our fabulous designer, Charlotte Balbier, announcing that she is releasing a new Separates Collection!

Charlotte is known for celebrating a brides individuality and for tearing up the wedding dress rule book and she has done it again with this collection.  

The collection features 10 interchangeable pieces all designed for the bride to build and create her own look.  Options include a satin slip paired with a lace topper of your choice to a ball gown skirt which can be worn with a super trendy crop top and lace reverse topper.  This collection lets you put together your own look and allows you to stay true to yourself.

To celebrate the launch of the new Balbier Separates collection MiliMili will be hosting the 1st exclusive event of 2016. Be one of the 1st brides in the UK to view and find your ‘one’ from this exciting new collection from the award winning Charlotte Balbier.

As a special gift from Charlotte every bride who orders at this exclusive event can choose any belt from the collection as a complimentary gift.

The week long event will take place between 7th-14th January 2016 at MiliMili Bridal Boutique in Colchester Essex. To secure your appointment call 01206 616368/email today.

Langley 1254 Sash & Harper Slip 2.JPG mm.JPG

Sample Sale 25th October 2015

Its Sample Sale time again!  So put on your bargain hunting heads and prepare to be amazed at the discounts available. 

The date is 25th October 2015, no appointment necessary but highly recommended.  If you see something on here you like and want a pre-sale chat then please give us a call.  

The dresses are samples which have been loved and looked after in the boutique but some may have flaws such as beads missing hence the discount given on the dresses.  However, with the help of our Fairy Godmother style seamstress these things can easily be rectified.

Here are some of the dresses available and the amazing prices!


Charlotte Balbier

   Emelia - Blush size 14  Was £1495 Now £600


Emelia - Blush size 14

Was £1495 Now £600

   Daydream - Size 14  Was £1335 Now £550


Daydream - Size 14

Was £1335 Now £550

   The Charlotte - Size 12  Was £2300 Now £700


The Charlotte - Size 12

Was £2300 Now £700

Krystal - Size 14  Was £1095 Now £400

Krystal - Size 14

Was £1095 Now £400

Beatrice - Size 14  Was £1199 Now £400

Beatrice - Size 14

Was £1199 Now £400

Marnie - Size 12  Was £1440 Now £700

Marnie - Size 12

Was £1440 Now £700


Hamilton - Size 16  Was £1230 Now £600

Hamilton - Size 16

Was £1230 Now £600

Harrogate - Size 14  Was £1110 Now £500

Harrogate - Size 14

Was £1110 Now £500

Dillon - Size 12  Was £1320 Now £600

Dillon - Size 12

Was £1320 Now £600

Hamlet - Size 14   Was £900 Now £450

Hamlet - Size 14 

Was £900 Now £450

These are just some of the dress which will be available, so hurry and grab those bargains!! 

White Gallery 2015 - Part 1

Last month I got to do one of my favourite things of the year, go and pick our new dresses from next seasons collections!! Whilst it is a serious part of my job, it is all so exciting!!

To choose the new dresses, we attend an event called The White Gallery.  At this event, the top Bridal Designers release their new collections for the year. There are various fashion shows that happen throughout the day and are perfect for viewing the new trends.

We have four of our designers at White Gallery: Charlotte Balbier, Ian Stuart, Eliza Jane Howell and Charlotte Mills shoes. Here are some sneak peeks of the new dresses we will soon be welcoming to our boutique.

Charlotte Balbier

The 2016 collection is named "Willa Rose" and marks her 12th year in Bridal fashion. Charlotte's signature feminine style was abundant in this beautiful new collection.  It features ethereal soft flowing chiffon gowns adorned with delicate Rose details and Charlotte signature hand cut flower designs. 


Maud from the "Willa Rose" collection.

Maud from the "Willa Rose" collection.


Charlotte uses an array of luxurious fabrics from Rich Mikado to silk tulle and French lace.  There was also a gorgeous colour pallet with Rose Pinks, Antique golds and rich Ivory Shades. 

We cannot wait to receive this collection is store, they are seriously gorgeous!

Lainey in Blush

Lainey in Blush

"Lilac" - this is a delightful gown with delicate lace sleeves and gorgeous pearl detailing around the bust.  This is a real WOW factor dress. 

"Lilac" - this is a delightful gown with delicate lace sleeves and gorgeous pearl detailing around the bust.  This is a real WOW factor dress. 

Ian Stuart

Our next stop was the rather fabulous Ian Stuart. This year he named his collection "Runway Rebel" which is perfect for his love of designing dresses which are that bit different and ooze style. He described this collection as an ode to life and the freedom to be expressive, creative and rebellious in it.




In the collection there were some classic Ian Stuart style designs but there are also some more softer and fluid lines which allows the slightly more conservative bride to still have the stunning design and make that Ian is known for. 

Excuse the poor picture quality, this one was just taken on my iPhone! 

Excuse the poor picture quality, this one was just taken on my iPhone! 

I love an Ian Stuart short dress and he didn't fail to disappoint. 

Ian has also designed stunning veils to match his dresses. 

Ian has also designed stunning veils to match his dresses. 

As you can see the dresses this season are stunning!  In part 2 we will give you a sneak peak at the new Eliza Jane Howell dresses and the Charlotte Mills shoes.