Emma & Richard: 3rd August 2019


Every bride deserves to feel more beautiful than she ever has on her big day; and even more so when her health has had an impact on her body.

This sentiment couldn’t resonate more with bride Emma: who - after having scoliosis - had put the idea of wearing a backless dress, to the back of her mind. That was until she came into the boutique and was swept away by a Charlie Brear design.

“My dress was very simple,” Emma says. “I loved the way it hung at the back. After having surgery, I never thought I would be able to wear a dress that showed my back. I think that’s why I fell in love with it so much.” The gown - ‘CHARTRES’ from the Iconics bridal collection - features bias cut silk crepe, gathered into a halter neck before twisting down into the low back.


Emma paired her elegant dress with a beaded cathedral-length veil, a Pandora back necklace, and a pair of earrings that her mum wore on her own wedding day. The overall look perfectly complimented her rustic venue, Dove Barn, and the down-to-earth decor she and new husband Richard opted for.

“We went for gypsophila and lavender with the flowers, and the bridesmaid dresses were a silver grey that had a hint of purple. The men were in navy blue and the colours all went together really well.”


Emma describes her wedding day as ‘really special’; being able to share the occasion with the couple’s family and closest friends. But the best part of the day? “Walking down the aisle with my husband after we got married!”

Her parting advice for brides-to-be: “It’s true what they say…when you find the right dress, you just know!”


Photography Sophie Oldhamstead Photography
Flowers Rachel Howarth
Hair & Make Up Cosmetology

Enzoani Designer Weekends: November

If, like us, you’re just itching to get your hands on the 2020 Enzoani collections…we have great news.

On 15th/16th and 29th/30th November, we’ll be hosting a huge selection of gowns from the Blue by Enzoani and Enzoani main collection 2020 lines. And while we’ll be stocking selected designs in the coming months, this will be the ONLY chance to see all the gowns up close and personal, in one place!

The 2020 dresses see many of Enzoani’s signature features given an annual update: dramatic trains, plunging necklines and off-shoulder details help to secure the designer’s place in the popularity stakes for another year.

Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the designs that will be available to try on at our weekends! (Samples are shown in standard designer choice, but are available in other combinations.)

Blue by Enzoani - 15th & 16th November - 10am - 4pm Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday
Enzoani - 29th & 30th November - 10am - 4pm Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday

A Line

Fitted at the waist and flowing over the hips, A-line dresses suit most frames and give a perfect combination of sultry and sweet. Exquisite floral motifs and soft tulle feature highly in Enzoani’s 2020 designs.


An ever-growing trend in modern brides; off-shoulder looks compliment those with broad shoulders and balance pear shapes. Pair delicate lace and a soft flare for a truly alluring image.


These dresses are the definition of ‘business in the front, party in the back’. Extravagant trains, beautiful backs, detachable accessories and matching veils take you from ‘wedding’ to ‘WOW’.


Not a dress-lover or fancy something that instantly takes you from day to night? Enzoani has you covered (or your legs, at least). Jumpsuits remain a popular dress alternative, and with these combinations you can even have your cake and eat it too.

We have limited availability for our trunk shows, so please book early to avoid disappointment!

Charlotte & Matthew: 27th July 2019


As a petite bride, the thought of finding the right dress for your big day can fill you with dread. Teeny brides can feel limited in the styles they can pull off - but, like Charlotte, you may just be surprised!

“When I came in I was full of anxiety!” Charlotte says. “I had tried on four dresses when I came to my dress, and I just knew it was the one! Due to my short frame, a fishtail dress was perfect. It elongated my body and gave me curves in all the right places. I am very conscious of my tummy, yet I have a small bottom and no hips, but this dress flattered every curve and I felt flawless.”


The dress that captured Charlotte’s heart, was JIN by Enzoani. A strapless sweetheart neckline is just one classically elegant highlight of this romantic lace gown. But there was another element that Charlotte was head over heels for: “I always dreamt of pearls and buttons all the way down the back of the dress, and lace is also a favourite of mine. This dress combined both elements beautifully!” Charlotte finished her look with a chapel-length, plain ivory veil that swept the tips of her dress’ train perfectly. She wore her hair half down, and gave a nod to her ‘wildflower’ theme with floral accessories.

Charlotte and Matthew’s wedding was one that incorporated an abundance of personal attachment; not least, the church that Charlotte had been christened in, and attended Sunday school! Their vicar had seen Charlotte through the celebration of birth, schooling days, and now her wedding day, which meant a lot to both her and her family.

“We got ready at my mums house - my childhood home. Everybody locally knew us and waved us in. It was full of love and happiness!” Charlotte explains. And it’s no wonder everyone in her childhood village was out in their swarms to see off the future Mrs Chicken - she looked a vision, with a chapel length plain ivory veil completing her bridal look. Even the reception was poignant - taking place in a marquee on her tree surgeon father’s land.


Farm and nature elements created the foundations for the countryside-themed day - flower arches adorned the entrance to the marquee, while floral displays dressed the trailer attached to the unique transport - a tractor! And her dad’s profession certainly didn’t go unmissed: with a wooden post box, centre pieces and table plan featuring in the decor.


Even a little rain didn’t dampen the proceedings - the bride and groom embraced the ever-changing weather for some fun umbrella shots during a downpour. Charlotte braved the fields in flip flops, hitching up her gown’s train between locations…that’s our girl!


Photography EPS Photography
Flowers Passionflowers by Emma Spowage
Hair Kutz (Paige Clarke)
Make Up
Alice Wotton
Cake Bob’s Beautiful Bakes

10 Popular Wedding Traditions...And Where They Came From!

You’ll probably notice during the hectic times of planning your wedding, that there are so many aspects of the big day that stem from centuries of tradition. But do you know their meaning?


1) White Wedding Dress…and ‘Something Blue’

Let’s start with the basics…why is a white wedding dress considered the bridal colour of choice? Back in the middle ages, blue was considered the colour of ‘purity’ and brides used to wear blue gowns to demonstrate their virginity. Some brides clearly didn’t think blue was their colour though, and so opted for an alternative; just adding a blue ribbon or similar accessory in place of the blue gown. Hence today’s tradition of ‘something blue’!

White gowns didn’t become truly fashionable until the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840 - so you could say Queen Vic was probably the biggest trendsetter!

2) Bridal Bouquet

Aside from being one of the largest expenses of a 21st century wedding (brides spend, on average, 1/10th of their total budget on flowers!), the bridal bouquet has a slightly less flowery meaning behind it. Traditionally, a woman would carry herbs, grains and even garlic down the aisle in a bid to ward off evil spirits! Thankfully, the lingering smell of pizza was left behind as the years passed, leading to flowers symbolising fertility and everlasting love.

3) Positioning of the Groom

Not a custom that is adopted by every bridal party, but traditionally the groom stands to the right of his bride during the marriage ceremony. A well-meaning tradition that probably isn’t quite as relevant these days - this deliberate standpoint is so that the groom could draw his sword using his right hand, should any danger descend upon the proceedings!

4) Father Giving Away The Bride

It’s hard to believe these days that a woman was ever considered less important than a man…thank God things have moved on! The custom of the bride’s father ‘giving her’ to the groom was symbolic that she was no longer in her father’s possession, but now belonged to her new husband. Today, it’s more of a nod to the passing over of the bride’s reliability on her father for guidance and support through life, to her spouse.

Photo: axl photography

Photo: axl photography

5) Best Man

Probably better referred to as ‘wing man’ nowadays! Once the supply of local women had run dry, in German villages the groom would select a male companion to help him search for a suitor in another community. The ‘best man’ for the job would then stand guard with the groom at the wedding; ensuring that the bride wasn’t recaptured by her family!

6) Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The groomsmen served a similar role to the best man, in fighting off the bride’s family if they attempted to claim her back! Bridesmaids - and the maid or matron of honour - posed a much less violent role: helping the bride dress, decorating the ceremony location and ensuring the bride’s bouquet was ready.

Both sides of the bridal party dressed in a very similar way to the bride and groom - with the bridesmaids wearing white - so that any disruptor to the wedding would be confused as to who was getting married!

7) The Bride’s Garter

Not something many brides would be keen on these days…the bride and groom used to have their guests follow them to their bedroom in order to put them to bed! Guests would fight over the bride’s dress, and so the garter was introduced in order for them to have something else to take! Imagine a rabble fighting over your Enzoani gown - no thanks!


8) The Ring Finger

Have you ever considered why the ring finger is actually the finger we wear our wedding rings on? Out of all bridal traditions, it probably has the sweetest meaning - the Ancient Romans believed that the vein in this finger lead directly to the heart, thus linking the importance of the ring with the couple’s undying love. Aww!

9) Confetti

Confetti as we know it isn’t the confetti of old! Traditionally, it was rice and grains that were thrown over the newly married couple to promote good health and fertility. Perhaps some eye-related injuries prompted a change to paper- or flower-based options?!

10) Over The Threshold

Far from being a lazy or tired bride (we know the struggle!), carrying over the threshold stemmed from when the brides were physically taken away to be married, so the groom was required to pick them up! This diversified over the years, and it then became a symbol of demureness to hesitate before entering the bridal suite - the husband then being forced to carry his new bride into the room to ‘seal the deal’!

Everything but the Dress: Let Your Shoes Shine

One of the most common questions we are asked is “what type of shoes am I best to wear with my wedding dress?” The truth is, it’s completely up to you!

If you’re rarely seen out of stilettos, it’s unlikely you’re going to swap your style for a relaxed pair of flats or trainers on your big day: so go with your typical look, and build on it!

The beauty of YOUR wedding day is that you can wear whatever the hell you like, and nobody can bat an eyelid. Bright pink platforms with diamanté ankle straps? Go for it. Beachy vibe rattan wedges? Bring ‘em on.

Similarly, if the thought of slipping into a pair of sky-high Jimmy Choos fills you with more pre-wedding stress than you need, don’t sweat it. The rising popularity of laid-back, boho style weddings has made heel-less brides breathe a sigh of relief. Customised Converse, personalised flip flops and even pretty barefoot looks have been sweeping their way down aisles worldwide; meaning the realm of bridal footwear has never been more diverse.

The only major thing to take into consideration when choosing your footwear is ensuring your dress still sits comfortably when you’re wearing them - or not wearing them! Deciding to wear 6-inchers, and then swapping at the last minute to kitten heels could mean your altered length is now too long, so try and decide well before your dress alterations - or make sure you’re happy lifting your dress to walk around once they come off!

Take a look at some of our favourite shoes for brides, no matter your style (or budget!).

The Shiny One

Rosalind Iridescent - Sophia Webster £325


The Block Heeled One

Kianni - Carvela at Kurt Geiger £79


The Customisable One

Frilly Thrills - Wedding Converse £105


The Gold One

Halo Champagne - Freya Rose £197.50 (half price!)


The One Under £50

Raid Avalyn - Zalando £37.99

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 13.26.41.png

The Cinderella One

Anilla 100 - Jimmy Choo £2,995


The Dyeable One

Ella - Lace and Favour £99


The Ridiculously Sparkly on a Budget One

#190325 - JJs House £58

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 13.35.02.png

Prices correct at 29/08/19

Hot Off The Dress!

“2020 is ages away,” we said. “We have to wait sooooo long for the new dresses to come in!” we said. How wrong were we?!

Twice in the past few weeks, you may have heard faint squeals of delight coming from the streets of Colchester. That was us; opening our latest deliveries from Enzoani and realising that the 2020 Collection is arriving sooner than we anticipated!



First up is the show-stopper ‘Mai’ - if you fancy having two dresses for your big day, but can’t justify the expense (or having to explain to your future husband why an outfit change definitely isn’t ‘too Mariah Carey’), this could be the perfect solution.

Gorgeous 3D floral motifs and the most exquisite sequined tulle take centre stage in this mermaid turned A-line gown. This two-in-one gown features a detachable train to go from ceremony to reception ready within seconds. A low V-back and crystal buttons finish this look for final feminine touches. Mai has been flying off the rails since Billie Faiers’ wedding to Greg Shepherd earlier this year, where she wore a similar design.

A sultry mermaid gown AND a princessy A-line, all in one dress? Thank you, Enzoani gods.



If you’re looking for something with the right mix of elegance and extravagance, Marquise may be the one.

Alluring lace illusion panels on the sides are sure to highlight your figure. Lace is carefully placed on the sweetheart neckline as it trails to the thigh. An alluring, low illusion back finishes the look with covered buttons cascading to the train's hem.

If you’re torn between sleeves or no sleeves, this illusion design with off-shoulder appliqués could be the decider.


We love our unusual dresses here at MiliMili, and whilst you could be forgiven for thinking Monika may be one of the most simple dresses available from Enzoani’s usually eclectic designs; think again.

Sweet and elegant, this crepe mermaid gown stands on its own. But add a modern touch with its gorgeous lace-trimmed cape, and you’ll find yourself the perfect dose of dramatic flair. Dress this look up or down, either way guests are sure to be wowed.

Not keen on a veil, but love the added romance and length of the accessory? Monika and her cape give that traditional bridal look a 21st century update.

Click here to be one of the first to try on these three beautiful designs, or any of our other stunning gowns in the boutique.

Everything but the Dress: All in the Detail

Picture this: you’ve tried on in excess of 30 dresses, and not a single one feels like ‘the one’: with every gown being ‘perfect, if only it had more detail/the front was higher/the train was longer’… Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Say Yes to The Dress, you’ll spot the moment they add delicate lace sleeves, a sash, or glitzy belt to a bride-to-be’s look, in order to sway her (or more often, her mother!) from a ‘maybe’, to a definitive ‘YES’.

Many brides aren’t aware of the vast amount of changes or adaptations that can be made to a dress to make it perfect. As a very basic start, almost all of the dresses from our most popular designer Enzoani can be ordered in various colour ways - so whether you want ivory tulle over sand lining, or a classic ivory/ivory combination, you can customise the colour to suit your style.

Here’s a selection of the alterations that can be made in-house here at MiliMili*; leaving you safe in the knowledge that any of our dresses can be your ‘one’.

katerina with added sleeves. photo: stillwhite

katerina with added sleeves. photo: stillwhite


As exampled by this gorgeous bride, wearing a Blue by Enzoani ‘Katerina’, sleeves can completely change the upper half of a dress. If you’re top-heavy, or broad shouldered, a strapless dress might be your dream, but may not be the most flattering silhouette - adding some delicate material to create Bardot-style sleeves can add give you the balance you need to pull it off!

If you’re getting married in a cooler climate, how about opting for long, lace sleeves for an extra touch of elegance? The beautiful ‘Nicolette’ can be ordered both without or without these full-length sleeves (the design alters very slightly between the two) - and this type of look can be created with any almost any of our dresses by our seamstress Alina, so you can always decide at a later date.

We can also remove or shorten existing sleeves (dependent on dress design). So whatever the weather, you can rest assured we’ve got your arms covered! (Or not.)

nicolette a (without sleeves)

nicolette a (without sleeves)

nicolette B (with sleeves)

nicolette B (with sleeves)


Many dresses come with an unlined or lined option - but it’s hard to envisage what an unlined dress looks like with the lining already in place! That’s why we tend to have unlined versions for our samples - giving you the flexibility to explore lining, if you feel that’s what you would prefer.

Lining colour can be chosen to match or contrast the outer layer of the dress - a darker lining can really make lace detail pop!


If you’ve found your dream dress, but it lacks that tiny bit of ‘wow’ factor, there is a world of options at your disposal. Diamanté, pearl, button, bead…you name it, it can probably be added! Perhaps a scattering of crystals down the train, or some soft floral appliqués on the bust, will complete your ideal bridal look.


We have a gorgeous selection of belts in store, designed and made by Alina and starting from £115. She can also create bespoke designs - so if your dress has pearl or floral embellishments that you want to build on, Alina can design something perfectly unique.

A belt can really accentuate an hourglass figure; drawing the eye to the waist, and also adds a glamorous finish to a simple dress - as shown by the rose gold Charlie Brear ‘Corello’ belt (£275 - styled with Camise dress and Voulaire overskirt)

charlie brear

charlie brear

belts by alina

belts by alina

Standard alterations

And of course, we can alter your dress in any way you need. Whether it’s shortening the train, nipping in the waist, or adding a bustle hook so you can dance the night away with ease; you can count on us to tailor your dress to perfection.

To book your bridal appointment at our boutique, click here or call us on 01206 616368.

*most alterations are made by our incredibly talented seamstress Alina, however they are dependent on the material. design and structure of the dress. Some larger alterations or adaptations to design are undertaken by the designer themselves whilst your dress is being created.

Prices correct at 8th August 2019.

Everything but the Dress: Our Guide to Choosing Your Veil

So you’ve chosen your perfect dress - but what about the rest of the outfit? Many brides find the process of accessorising their dress even harder than choosing the dress itself. We’re here to impart our wisdom, to help you decide on the right accessories for your style - starting with the biggest debate-inducing item available: the veil!

Traditional wedding veils have a long and meaningful history: but in the 21st century, many brides just want their bridal look completed with an angelic-looking draping of tulle and finished with a delicate lace edging.

Originally included in a bride’s wedding day ensemble to symbolise virginity and pureness; a veil is intended to ‘introduce’ the bride to her new husband (hence the ‘blusher’ layer - the shorter piece covering the face on a traditional style of veil). Nowadays, many brides steer away from this classic look in favour of a hairpiece, crown or tiara, to focus the attention on the dress - particularly with the increasing popularity of backless and back-embellished designs.

But for those of you embracing the tradition, the world of wedding veils can be a confusing place! Take a look at our handy guide below to compare the most popular lengths. With every length of veil available, at MiliMili we can create the most perfect addition to your dress - even adding the exact lace that it features. Ribbon edge, crystal droplets, diamanté detail - you name it, we can create it.


If you’re a lover of the good kind of drama, you’ll probably be drawn to the most awe-inspiring length of veil.

Also referred to as royal or regal, these veils are typically 7ft up to an incredible 30ft. Unsurprisingly, this length is often favoured by celebrities - including the Royals themselves. The Duchess of Sussex wowed in a 16ft cathedral veil when marrying Prince Harry; adorned with intricate lace flowers symbolising all 53 countries in the Commonwealth. The veil was a sure nod to the late Princess Diana’s 25ft veil she wore at her own wedding in 1981.

kate moss and her chapel-length cap veil. photo: one fab day

kate moss and her chapel-length cap veil. photo: one fab day


These veils are one of the most commonly opted-for lengths: they suit almost all styles of dress, as well as flattering every bride’s shape - falling romantically around the shoulders and extending down to around the lower arms.

Perfect if your gown features an intricate train; this look won’t detract from the dress, but will add a beautiful silhouette to the overall look, as well as adding a touch of elegance. Add a lace trim, and your fairytale look will be completed!

Possibly the most famous fingertip veil to have been showcased was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge’s - her ivory soft silk tulle design measured in at 70 inches and featured a French lace edging.

bandeau bow veil with pearl detail

bandeau bow veil with pearl detail

The Duchess of Sussex with her cathedral-length veil. Photo: glamour

The Duchess of Sussex with her cathedral-length veil. Photo: glamour


Popular with brides for their train-complementing length, chapel veils meet the floor and often measure a few inches beyond the length of the dress. Ideal for those who don’t want someone tailing them all day, holding it up!

Kate Moss showed us how chapel is done during her wedding to Jamie Hince in 2011; her boho-inspired gown framed beautifully by the unusual floor-length cap veil.

kate middleton had a veil fit for a princess. photo: hello

kate middleton had a veil fit for a princess. photo: hello

Short/Shoulder Length

Keeping it simple, a short veil ensures the gown remains the star of the show. Traditionally, a short veil is worn with equal lengths on both the back and blusher, but with a multitude of options available to customise the perfect length for your veil, the world is your ivory oyster. Supermodel Lily Aldridge wowed in a classic but equally beautiful plain veil at her marriage to Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill - perfecting complementing her simple strapless gown.

Short certainly doesn’t have to equal boring - if you’re opting for something a little more unusual, how about a birdcage or bow veil?

lily aldridge opted for simple elegance with her short veil. photo: NME

lily aldridge opted for simple elegance with her short veil. photo: NME

fishnet birdcage embellished with crystals

fishnet birdcage embellished with crystals

'Something New'!


If you’ve been in the boutique lately, you may have been greeted by a new face…That face was probably me!

I’m Danni, the newest addition to the team at MiliMili. As many of you will know, Lauren is expecting her third baby boy in October, so the time has come for her to bring in extra reinforcements, in order to hand over the reins when she goes off on maternity leave (although knowing her, she still won’t relax and leave the shop alone!).

I have a background in marketing and design; with my most recent project being editor-in-chief of a lifestyle publication. But I fell in love with bridal at a young age - I’ve always been obsessed with weddings, and where other kids were more concerned about what was on the sweet cart, I was gazing in awe at the bride’s dress.

Get To Know Me

Favourite designer: Enzoani
Favourite dress style:
Bridesmaid duties:
7 (and counting!)
Favourite dress colour:
Ivory, with a layer of darker champagne or nude to make the lace really stand out!
Most likely to be seen at a wedding…:
On the dance floor, probably busting out some terrible Prosecco-inspired moves

I am a big fan of unusual, unique wedding dresses: which is what led me to discover MiliMili. A huge Enzoani fangirl, I started following MiliMili on Instagram when I found out they were the only stockist within a 40-mile radius of me - and you can only imagine my delight when they were also hiring!

In my few weeks at MiliMili so far, I’ve learned SO much from Lauren and Abby and am really looking forward to helping all the beautiful brides-to-be (bride-to-bes? Answers on a postcard) find the perfect dress for their big day.

I’m on hand to offer advice and guidance on the dress-searching process, help you try on different styles and work out what suits your body shape and style. I have a lot of visible tattoos, which is something a lot of brides tend to want to cover or hide, but I enjoy finding dresses that really complement those features. If you’re a bride with a distinctive look, I’d love to help you with this too!

I’m even there to offer an ear if you need to vent about stressful wedding planning. (Did I mention I’m also an epic events organiser? You name it, I’ve had to deal with it!) I’m recently engaged myself, so I love chatting to brides about plans for their wedding; I’ve had some great tips so far!

As you can see, I take quality control very seriously.

As you can see, I take quality control very seriously.

If you have any questions, just fancy a chat, or want to book an appointment to come and try on a selection of our beautiful gowns, feel free to drop me an email to enquiries@milimili.co.uk

Look forward to meeting you all!
Danni x

Danielle & Chris: 7th May 2019


Typical British weather can play havoc with a bride’s pre-wedding nerves. Will my dress get acquainted with muddy puddles? Is my hair going to survive gale-force winds? Do I need to recommend umbrellas on the invites?


If - like Danielle and Chris - rolling sandy beaches, blue skies and sun-kissed skin are more up your street, one way to (almost!) guarantee sunshine on your wedding day is by heading overseas and arranging a destination wedding.

Setting their sights on the beautiful Dreams Palm Beach in the Dominican Republic, with their ceremony overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Danielle set out to find the right dress to match the picture-perfect venue. She always knew she would purchase her dress from MiliMili, saying “it was the boutique I would always walk past and say to Chris ‘if we ever get married, I will buy my dress from here’.”

The dress Danielle decided on was Luz, from Blue by Enzoani: a sleek, fitted mermaid gown made from beautifully soft georgette and chantilly lace, featuring a plunging neckline and matching back. Danielle customised the dress; adding floaty, butterfly-style sleeves to complement the relaxed atmosphere of the celebrations.


“I have always known what style of dress I wanted. It had to be something chilled, with a boho vibe, and also have cute embellishments,” Danielle explains.

“I wanted a dress that flattered me, but also covered the parts that I am slightly self conscious about. I asked MiliMili to add the sleeves, which made my dress everything I could ever want. It was perfect: the dress I had dreamed of was finally becoming a reality.”

Once the ‘perfect’ dress was found, everything else easily flowed with the laid-back theme. “Me and Chris are a chilled couple in general, so wanted our day to have that relaxed vibe. We didn’t really have a colour scheme, but the bridesmaids wore a lavender coloured dress, which gave a vintage feel.”

One detail that held an extra special place, though, was Danielle’s veil and headpiece. The accessories, which complemented her dress in the most perfect fashion, were gifted by her best friend as her ‘something borrowed’ - a gesture that meant a lot to Danielle.

Enjoying a day full of heartwarming moments with their friends and family, whom had flown halfway across the world to share their day with them, made the occasion one they would never forget. “There was a moment during the evening where everyone was dancing and the sun was setting on the beach. We had Wonderwall by Oasis playing in the background, and my new husband and I stood back and watched everyone just having the time of their lives. It was a trip to remember for all of us, and a beautiful day that we will always cherish.”

A beautiful day, in a beautiful dress, exactly made to the stunning bride’s image of what she dreamed of wearing on her wedding day. Danielle recommends to brides-to-be that they do their research prior to dress-hunting; that way you’ll find a boutique that suits your personality, which should then lead you to ‘the one’! “Try not to over think and over complicate, and don’t make it a stressful experience. Just enjoy every moment, as it’s the best feeling when you finally get to try them on.”


Photography Adventure Photos
Flowers Venue
Hair & Make Up Bridal Party

Charlotte & Tom: 14th June 2019


Heading out onto the water in a rowing boat may not be the first activity that springs to mind for your wedding day; but for Charlotte and Tom, it couldn’t have been more fitting!


Marrying at two of Essex’s most picturesque locations, Dedham Boathouse and Milsoms Le Talbooth, a riverside wedding was the perfect setting for the couple to tie the knot; with a white and gold colour palette complementing each aspect of their romantic celebrations. Even the rowing boat had a gorgeous floral arrangement on board!

Charlotte wore the beautiful Lavender by Enzoani - an A-line gown adorned with floral appliqués, a deep V lace back and - usually - a beaded waistline. Charlotte opted to customise the dress: changing the beading to a beautiful array of pearls to match her stunning Jimmy Choo shoes.

How did Charlotte decide on her dress? “It was the first dress I really liked on the hanger in the shop, as it looked so special. It was really love at first sight,” she explains. “I was hesitant at first as it was a cream antique colour and not ivory, but I thought I would still try it. I loved it. I did try on others after and nothing came close, so I tried it on again and said yes!”

The “antique princess” look, as Charlotte describes it, was completed with a chapel length lace veil and gold Ophelia Crown from Flourish by Victoria Percival - which was chosen by Charlotte’s mum.

“It was my mum who said ‘try this on’, and I laughed at first and was like ‘mum, I’m not wearing a crown’. But wow, did it complete my look and was stunning! You need accessories to complete the look of the dress, and your theme or style. It brings it all together.”

Charlotte’s desire to emphasise the white and gold theme even extended to husband Tom - whom she asked to wear white, but he wasn’t convinced! Luckily, she managed to find other unique ways to incorporate the colours; the table cutlery was gold (“I had to eat from gold cutlery. It was expensive but worth it - attention to detail is key!”), the bridesmaids and mother of the bride wore ivory, and all the floral decoration and balloons were, of course, white.

Despite not having the ivory dress she originally set out to find, Charlotte couldn’t have been happier with her choice, and finding the right dress is an easy task when following her advice. “Don’t take photos in the dress when you say yes. Looking back at the photos afterwards will make you doubt it, as it may not fit perfectly at that point.” She adds, “Don’t go to lots of shops - choose one shop that suits your style and budget, and after the advice from the staff on your figure etc., and for sure you will fall in love with one.”

Photography Natasa Leoni
Tudor Rose
Hair & Make Up Rococco
Balloons Bubblegum Balloons

Sales Consultant Required

An exciting opportunity has become available to join our award winning team.  Initially on a 1 year fixed term contract with the potential to become permanent. 

MiliMili is a fashion forward bridal boutique which caters for modern, fashion loving brides who are looking for that little something different for their wedding day. 

We require someone who loves fashion, loves meeting people and who is confident to provide styling advice. You will be required to complete bridal consultations so must be able to build a rapport with people and provide the highest level of customer service.  In addition to completing appointments, you will also be completing back office duties which must be completed accurately. 

Our team is renowned for our personalised and friendly service that we provide every customer from start to finish. There is extensive product knowledge, company policies and procedures to learn so your commitment and passion for the role is essential. You must have a natural ability to make customers feel welcome, relaxed and stress-free throughout their special journey. 


  • Complete private consultations - demonstrate bridal and fabric knowledge, pinning, styling and accessory options. 

  • Achieve monthly sales targets and company KPI’s. 

  • Ability to work in a team environment but also to be able to work on an individual basis. 

  • Adhere to MiliMili policies and clearly convey terms and conditions to customers, complete paperwork accurately and data entry to completed in a timely manner. 

  • Answering customer enquiries via telephone, email, social media and our own booking system within required time frame. 

  • Booking customer appointments and maintaining the diary efficiently

  • Completing required paperwork, records and managing schedules of customer items and updating relevant documents when deliveries have been received within the required time frame in a clear and organised manner

  • Processing orders, sales transactions and handling cash. 

  • Pressing and steaming bridal items ready for fitting consultations and collections

  • Carrying out quality control checks on items received and reporting any defects on dresses to Manager so it can be reported in a timely manner

  • Showcasing the brand (image/products/merchandise) and ensuring visual merchandising, displays, stock and the boutique are always presentable to meet high standards


  • Maternity cover for 1 year

  • Part-time  (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Saturdays as the business requires.)

  • Previous fashion experience and sales is essential

  • Bridal experience is welcomed but not essential

  • Thrive in a fast-paced sales environment

  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally

  • Demonstrate excellent high end customer service

  • Maintain a professional and well-groomed appearance

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please send a covering letter and CV to laurenwade@milimili.co.uk.

Flourish by Victoria Percival Accessories

If you follow our instagram account you will know that we are obsessed with our new accessories! It has taken me a long while to find accessories that are modern and match the style of our dresses, but I have finally found them.

Victoria Percival is a hair and make-up artist based in London. She has worked hard to become the go to artist for the modern, fashion forward London bride. Starting her career in fashion design and styling, Victoria's unique eye for stunning pieces and keen sense of style has allowed her to create a fresh, new collection of bridal pieces to suit the fashion-forward, discerning bride.


"So many of my brides were asking me if I had any hair accessories for them to try on during their pre-wedding day trial, that it became obvious my service should expand to styling and accessories services for the bride's journey. With such busy lives, my brides were finding the whole process of searching for their accessories overwhelming and confusing. Not only that, but what was on offer online wasn't capturing their imaginations or making them feel like they were making a statement".

She has created a gorgeous collection which is being loved by brides and designers alike. Victoria’s accessories are stocked in the most sought-after boutiques and recently worked with the acclaimed bridal designers Berta on the release of their new dress collection.

Aquilla Crown £165.00

Aquilla Crown £165.00

Crystalised Barley Crown £185.00

Crystalised Barley Crown £185.00

In the boutique we have a selection of her earrings, crowns, combs and vines for you to choose from. This have already proved a hit with our brides with many of them choosing their accessory first then their dress to complement it.

Lyra Starburst Earrings

Lyra Starburst Earrings

Ophelia Crown £185.00

Ophelia Crown £185.00

If you would like to try the pieces on please do pop in and see us, we will be happy to help. We are planning on increasing the collection we have in the boutique so keep your eyes peeled for picture of more designs on our Instagram account.

This Week at MiliMili - 3 September 2018

Hello everyone! 

I hope you have all had a fantastic week.  Its been very busy in the boutique this week with getting the last of summer brides dresses fitted and ready to go.  One of the brides is Laura, who is Abby's sister.  She has a gorgeous dress and I can't wait to show the pictures of her wedding. 

We have also received some new dresses into the boutique and they have been causing quite the stir on Instagram.  First up is one from the Enzoani's exclusive flagship collection - meet Mercedes! 


Dramatic and elegant, this full-length mermaid gown features intricate beaded lace on a deep sweetheart neckline bodice, as well as rhinestones along delicate spaghetti straps. The back showcases a low illusion design embellished with criss-cross rhinestone straps and the most jaw-dropping, tiered lace and tulle train.

The second dress we received is from the Blue by Enzoani range.  The Blue by Enzoani collection focuses on contemporary dresses for the modern bride who does intricate details. 


A sumptuous mermaid gown constructed with sequin embroidered lace on soft stretch georgette. The strapless, illusion V-neckline complements the gorgeous back with a cascading, illusion lace train.

If you would like to try either of these dresses give us a call on 01206 616368! 

This week at MiliMili Bridal

Hello lovely readers,

Apologies I have been terrible at keeping the blog up to date.  Its been super busy and if I am being honest I sometimes do not what to write about! So, I thought why don't I do weekly updates of whats happened in the boutique.  That keeps you guys in the loop of the latest events, dresses and news.  I can then do specific blogs along the way covering anything else you would like me to cover. 

So lets get started with the updates from the week just gone!  

On Friday we announced the start of our end of Summer Sample Sale.  This is where we sell off some of the samples in the shop to make room for the new dresses coming in.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get one of our designer dresses at a reduced price.  If you also don't have much time to your wedding date this is perfect as the dress is here ready to go.  Here are a couple of the dresses available but we have over 30 styles available. 

Blue by Enzoani Kami Was £1575 now £750 Size 14

Blue by Enzoani Kami Was £1575 now £750 Size 14

In other news, we received some new dresses this week.  I love it when we receive the new dresses, its like opening presents.  Abby also enjoys new dress deliveries as she gets to try them on!  This week we received one dress from Eliza Jane Howell and two from Rosa Clara. 

Blue by Enzoani Kingston Was £1440 Now £650 Size 12

Blue by Enzoani Kingston Was £1440 Now £650 Size 12

Tracy Lorde by Eliza Jane Howell Was £2997 Now £1200 Size 12

Tracy Lorde by Eliza Jane Howell Was £2997 Now £1200 Size 12

Eliza Jane Howell Pompeii - this is a beautiful hand beaded dress with flattering cap sleeves and sexy low back.  

Eliza Jane Howell Pompeii - this is a beautiful hand beaded dress with flattering cap sleeves and sexy low back.  

Rosa Clara Drake - this dress is a real show stopper! A princess gown with long sleeves and a scalloped neckline, finished off with a beautiful long train.

Rosa Clara Drake - this dress is a real show stopper! A princess gown with long sleeves and a scalloped neckline, finished off with a beautiful long train.

Rosa Clara Abira - a sophisticated and elegant guipure and lace with halter neckline. 

Rosa Clara Abira - a sophisticated and elegant guipure and lace with halter neckline. 

If you would like to try any of these dresses then give us a call.  In the meantime have a fabulous week! 

Lauren xx 

Alterations Explained

When it comes to your wedding dress, fit is key.  This is one of the reasons its so important to order your dress early to allow us plenty of time to ensure the perfect fit.  So here are some top tips to help you ensure it all runs smoothly.

When do we start alterations?

As weight can fluctuate we try to complete the alterations as close as possible to the wedding but with enough time for us to do the work.  As a general rule, we will start the fittings 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. 

How many fittings are required?

To allow us to get the proper fit for the dress we typically need 3 fittings. Sometimes we can complete the process in two fittings but it would be wise to allow yourself time for 3. 

How long does a fitting take?

For the first appointment you should allow 1 hour.  The second and third appointments are normally slightly less as the dress is becoming a closer fit to you.

What should a bride wear to her fitting?

In order for us to complete the fitting, you should ensure you bring any underwear you are planning to wear on the day plus your shoes. Its important to bring the shoes so you do not end up with a hem that is too short. 

Who should come to the fitting?

We ask that when the bride comes to her fitting that she brings as few other people as possible.  We understand that this is an exciting time which you want to share with friends, but we are carrying out precision work which the seamstress needs to be able to concentrate to do.  Sometimes if there are too many people the room can become quite loud and busy making it extremely difficult! 

How much do alterations cost?

We only charge you for what needs doing on the dress.  So if only the hem needs doing, you only pay for the hem.  Our costs are capped at £275 for alterations we would class as a standard fit alteration.  If you want something additional, e.g beading added, jackets made, then this may take your cost over £275. 

Why do I have to pay for alterations on top of the cost of the dress?

Unless specified, the dress we order for you will be "made to order" and not "made to measure". This means that the dress is put into production upon your order but will be made to a standard set of measurements.  Most brides do not fit exactly the measurements on the size chart so this is why we have to complete the alterations. Dresses can be ordered on a made to measure basis but this increases the cost by at least £400.  So it is more cost effective to have the dress altered by the boutique once it reaches us. 

Additional Sample Sale Dresses

We have some more dresses going to be available as a sample!  So this means you can buy the sample dress at a reduced cost.  This is perfect if you have a last minute wedding or if you want to save a few pennies.  Here are some of the dresses that will now be available. 


Marnie by Enzoani. Size 12. Was £2235 Now £1200

Marnie by Enzoani. Size 12. Was £2235 Now £1200

Mahina by Charlie Brear Size 12 Was £2260 Now £1000

Mahina by Charlie Brear Size 12 Was £2260 Now £1000

Rosa Clara Asis Size 12 Was £1610 Now £700

Rosa Clara Asis Size 12 Was £1610 Now £700

Blue By Enzoani Kara Size 14 Was £1740 Now £700

Blue By Enzoani Kara Size 14 Was £1740 Now £700

Enzoani Midori Size 12. Was £2730 Now £1500

Enzoani Midori Size 12. Was £2730 Now £1500

There are more dresses available in the boutique so please do call us if you want more details.  Dont forget, there is only one of these dresses at this price so if you want it you need to be quick!  Dresses can be altered so if it is not your size give us a call and we can see what we can do. 

Lauren xx 

Greyfriars Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of arranging a bridal fashion shoot with some amazing fellow Colchester suppliers.  We completed the photo shoot at GreyFriars in Colchester which is a luxurious 5* hotel and is absolutely beautiful.  The photographer on the day was Andrew Mark Wade photography.  Hair was by Admire Colchester and make up by Scarlett Allen.  I can highly recommend all of these suppliers, their work is amazing. 

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day.  Let me know what you think! 

Desiree by Eliza Jane Howell

Desiree by Eliza Jane Howell

McKinley by Enzoani

McKinley by Enzoani

Margo by Enzoani

Margo by Enzoani


Knickers and Bras!

A question we usually get asked in the boutique is "what underwear should I have on under my dress". This is more of an issue than ever with the current fashion of low backs and slim fitting dresses.  So we have compiled some advice for you below which should ensure there are no VPL's or bra straps on show.

First thing is the colour of the underwear.  Obviously a bright colour or black is an instant no, but most people don't realise that white isn't a good choice either.  White can still show through under some dresses.  The colour you need is nude. Instead of standing out against your skin, nude will blend into the tones of your skin making them effectively invisible. 

When choosing your underwear you want to make sure it is plain as possible.  If you are wearing a slim fitting dress any type of bows, lace and ribbons will show through. Ideally, you would have something that is seamless, again minimizing the risk of any bumps or line. 

Lots of brides want to wear some form of shape wear under their dresses.  This is perfectly fine, just ensure that again they are nude in colour, plain and seam free. 

Depending on your dress, you most likely wont need a bra.  A large majority of dresses will have bra cups built into them or we can add cups when completing your fittings. If you would prefer to have a bra then you will again need to apply the rules above: nude colour, plain and seam free. 

Another option is to use something called Lift Its.  I'm not normally a fan of stick on bra's but these are brilliant.  They give the lift of a bra without having straps on show.  We can give you details of where you can find these if you would like some.  

When a bride purchases a dress from MiliMili Bridal, we are now giving them an underwear information sheet which has pictures of different options available on the market.  If you haven't received yours let me know and I will send one out to you. 

I hope this has helped but feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Lauren xx 


Rosa Clara 2019 Launch in Barcelona

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going out to Barcelona to pick the new dresses from the Rosa Clara collection.  This has to be one of the favourite bits of my job! 

We arrived in Barcelona on the Friday around midnight (thanks to a 1 hour delay sitting on the tarmac, good old Ryanair!) and went straight to our hotel as we were exhausted.  Upon arrival at the hotel we were given a bottle of prosecco and some gorgeous chocolates from Rosa Clara, they were delicious! 

We decided on the Saturday that we would have a holiday day and spent our time being tourists taking in Barcelona.  If you have never been I highly recommend it, there are so many beautiful sights to see.  We went to see the famous Gaudi Sagrada Familia which is quite honestly breathtaking.  They started to build it in 1882 and it is still not finished!  They anticipate to complete it in 2026! 


We spent the rest of the day shopping, there is literally a Zara on every street (my idea of heaven!) and then went for a meal.  As it was a holiday I broke my diet, but thats allowed surely! 

Anyway, I digress with stories of my day when you actually clicked on this blog to find out about the new Rosa Clara dresses. 

Currently we stock the Rosa Clara collection only, but I have had soooo many requests for dresses in the Couture Collection that I decided it was time we got them in.  So I'm pleased to announce we now stock 2 Rosa Clara collections, Rosa Clara and Couture! What is the difference between the two?  Rosa Clara couture is the main collection and is inspired by "haute couture" and is made with the best fabrics from around the world.  The Rosa Clara collection is a more affordable line with a large variety of styles available.  Both are made in Barcelona using the highest standards and fabrics.  They both feature the elegance and simplicity which Rosa Clara has become synonymous with and which has appealed to some of the most fashionable brides aound the world. 

I'm afraid I cannot show you any pictures of the new collections as they are top secret until the official pictures are launched, but I can promise you that you will love them.  They are stylish and sophisticated with a modern edge, just like our brides. 

We have ordered a couple of dresses that were in previous collections so I can show you these ones. 

First up is Penelope from the Rosa Clara Couture range.  This dress is stunning!  It has the most beautiful lace sleeves and the much sort after slit in the skirt. I love it!


Rosa Clara Penelope

Rosa Clara Penelope

The next dress is Rosa Clara Couture Pasion.  The bead work on this dress is beautiful and it is a real statement piece. 

Rosa Clara Pasion

Rosa Clara Pasion

The third and final sneak peek I can give you in from the Rosa Clara collection.  This dress is called Alejo and is made from the softest tulle.  We have never been what I would call a "Disney Princess" style shop, its always been important to me that any princess cut gowns we have are modern and sophisticated.  I think this dress ticks those boxes> 


 We are expecting these dresses in around summer time, but if you cant wait till then check out our current Rosa Clara collection.  They are all stunning pieces and perfect for brides who have that extra ounce of sophistication. 

Lots of love,

Lauren xx