Top Tips for Finding your Wedding Dress

So you have the ring, you've picked a date and now you need the dress.  Many brides come into us feeling nervous, but there really is no reason to be! I have compiled some top tips to help you find the dress without added stress. 

1) Don't worry if you don't know what style will suit you best.  Most brides don't.  That is why myself and Abby are here to help and guide you and help you find the dress that makes you feel the best.

2) Do some homework.  Who doesn't love a Pinterest board!  Search websites for styles that you like. Look to see what the current trends are and what elements of them you like. 

3) Book an appointment in advance.  We recommend between 8 months to a year in advance.  Giving yourself this time not only helps us but also takes out any last minute dress panic. 

4) Taking pictures - this one is always a sticky point. Whilst we wouldn't stop anyone taking pictures we would strongly recommend that you don't.  The lighting in the shop is not made for photos on phones and quite often it is not very flattering.  Also, the dress is not fitted to you yet so you will not be seeing a true reflection of the dress. Instead, try to take a mental picture and you need to concentrate on how you feel when you are wearing it. 

5) When deciding who is going to come shopping with you, consider whose opinion you value and who knows your style.  Try to limit how many people you bring with you, too many opinions is really not a good thing.  Also, from a practical level its extremely difficult for us to give you the best experience possible when we are having to climb over people!

6) Try to go with an open mind and don't automatically discard a style.  Many a time we have had a bride who has picked a dress she would never have normally tried on. 

7)  If you have nude colour underwear then bring it with you.  Many of the dress require a simple, seam free style of underwear.

8) This next point is a hard one but, when you have found the one you love, stop looking!!  There will always be new styles coming out, there will always be that one more shop you can go to, but trust me when I say you are only making it more difficult for yourself.  We have also had it happen when a bride loves a dress but wants to try a couple more, but when they came back a few weeks later to purchase the dress it has been discontinued so she can no longer have it. 

9) Talk to your advisor, if there is something you are not sure about on the dress then tell us as more often than not its something we can fix. Tell us as much information as possible as it allows us to help you find that perfect dress.

10) Enjoy the experience, its once in a lifetime so stay calm and enjoy!