Bridal Buyers Retail Website of the Year

As some of you may have seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we have recently won an Award!  MiliMili Bridal officially have the best bridal website not just in Colchester but in the uk!  We are so pleased with this award win as we put the website together ourselves and did not have an external company do it for us.

The awards were held in September in Harrogate at the yearly trade show hosted by the industry trade magazine Bridal Buyer.  Unfortunately it was the first day of school for my little boy so I was unable to attend. Andrew stepped in though and went to the awards on our behalf.  The awards are a lovely event where you get to meet other bridal shop owners and also the dress designers. 

I was left sitting at home keeping updated on the proceedings via Twitter. I genuinely did not think we would win but there was that thought that just maybe we could do it.  As I was watching the other categories be announced I decided to go to bed as there was no way of us winning.  I just let my phone on so that if we did win my phone would beep as we are mentioned on twitter.  

I was just about to drift off when I heard the beep on my phone.  I jumped up and grabbed my phoning, dropping it in the process, and there it was: 


I was so over the moon and literally started dancing round my bedroom! It means so much to have your hard work recognised and I genuinely think we have a really good website!