Alterations Explained

When it comes to your wedding dress, fit is key.  This is one of the reasons its so important to order your dress early to allow us plenty of time to ensure the perfect fit.  So here are some top tips to help you ensure it all runs smoothly.

When do we start alterations?

As weight can fluctuate we try to complete the alterations as close as possible to the wedding but with enough time for us to do the work.  As a general rule, we will start the fittings 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. 

How many fittings are required?

To allow us to get the proper fit for the dress we typically need 3 fittings. Sometimes we can complete the process in two fittings but it would be wise to allow yourself time for 3. 

How long does a fitting take?

For the first appointment you should allow 1 hour.  The second and third appointments are normally slightly less as the dress is becoming a closer fit to you.

What should a bride wear to her fitting?

In order for us to complete the fitting, you should ensure you bring any underwear you are planning to wear on the day plus your shoes. Its important to bring the shoes so you do not end up with a hem that is too short. 

Who should come to the fitting?

We ask that when the bride comes to her fitting that she brings as few other people as possible.  We understand that this is an exciting time which you want to share with friends, but we are carrying out precision work which the seamstress needs to be able to concentrate to do.  Sometimes if there are too many people the room can become quite loud and busy making it extremely difficult! 

How much do alterations cost?

We only charge you for what needs doing on the dress.  So if only the hem needs doing, you only pay for the hem.  Our costs are capped at £275 for alterations we would class as a standard fit alteration.  If you want something additional, e.g beading added, jackets made, then this may take your cost over £275. 

Why do I have to pay for alterations on top of the cost of the dress?

Unless specified, the dress we order for you will be "made to order" and not "made to measure". This means that the dress is put into production upon your order but will be made to a standard set of measurements.  Most brides do not fit exactly the measurements on the size chart so this is why we have to complete the alterations. Dresses can be ordered on a made to measure basis but this increases the cost by at least £400.  So it is more cost effective to have the dress altered by the boutique once it reaches us.